Rental is closed until 3. 2. 2020

Rental Rules and conditions


The Rental price for ebike shown consists of a Booking Fee and a Daily rental fee.

Booking Fee is CZK 399 (approx. 16 € depending on the exchange rate).
The booking fee is non-refundable and is used to confirm the reservation. Without its payment, the availability of a particular ebike cannot be guaranteed.
The fee is payable with a Credit card when ordering online or paid in cash in person at EKOLO.CZ EbikeRent in Prague 4. If the Reservation is not canceled by phone, email or in-person within 48 hours before the scheduled rental start date, this fee is non-refundable.

Basic Daily Rental Fee is 16€ (CZK 400). During the seasson, it may vary by type and model of electric bicycle: from 12 € up to 20 € (CZK 300 -500). The daily rent is payable when the ebike is returned after the loan. 

The Refundable deposit for one borrowed electric wheel is always € 400 (CZK 10,000).
The deposit must be deposited in cash (EUR, CZK) or by pre-authorization on a valid credit card (VISA, MC / EC).
When returning rented ebike(s), a deposit is returned after deducting the daily rental (+ possible damage to the ebike).
Please note: pre-authorization on your credit card expires after 5-8 days of billing, and is unable to speed-up this process with the bank.

The loan must be accompanied by 2 personal documents with photographs, one of which must be a valid ID card (EU citizens) or a valid passport.
In the case of borrowing for a legal person / institution, these documents need to be documented by the person who takes over the borrowed ebike(s) and at the same time to prove the relationship (the power of attorney) for company representation or the employee's card.

The maximum length of the rental is 14 consecutive days.

You will get free with electric bike rental: charger, protective charger bag, branded secure bike lock, protective cycling helmet. Child seat on the carrier (if applicable): 4€ (100 CZK) per day.

Surcharge for returning significantly muddy or dirty electric bicycle (mud, dirt on the frame) is 6€ (150 CZK).

Please note that e-bikes and accessories in the Ebike rental is not commercially insured. In the case of irreversible damage to e-bikes, some Czech insurance companies, such as ČPP, ČSOB, Kooperativa, Allianz and Direct, offer lent items within Liability Insurance or as a special supplementary product.

Get Free Loan! 
If within 1 month after the end of the loan, you decide to buy an electric bicycle at, we will refund your rent up to €115 (CZK 3,000) incl. VAT.