Prices and Rental Conditions


Category A

eMTB Full Suspension + Hardtail e-bikes

30€ per day + 15€ Booking Fee

1 day rental:           45 EUR € 45,00/day
2 days rental:         75 EUR € 37,50day
3 days rental:      105 EUR     € 35,00/day 
4 days rental:        135 EUR € 33,75/day
5 days rental:        165 EUR € 33,00/day
6 days rental:        195 EUR € 32,50/day
7 days rental:       225 EUR € 32,14/day
8 days rental:         255 EUR € 31,88/day
9 days rental:         285 EUR € 31,67/day
10 days rental:      315 EUR € 31,50/day
11 days rental:        345 EUR € 31,36/day
12 days rental:        375 EUR € 31,25/day
13 days rental:        405 EUR € 31,15/day
14 days rental:        435 EUR € 31,07/day

Category B

Trekking, Cross and eMTB e-bikes

21€ per day + 15€ Booking Fee

1 day rental:          36 EUR  € 36,00/day
2 days rental:        57 EUR € 28,50/day
3 days rental:      78 EUR € 26,00/day 
4 days rental:        99 EUR € 24,75/day
5 days rental:      120 EUR   € 24,00/day
6 days rental:      141 EUR € 23,50/day
7 days rental:     162 EUR € 23,14/day
8 days rental:       183 EUR € 22,88/day
9 days rental:       204 EUR    € 22,67/day
10 days rental:    225 EUR € 22,50/day
11 days rental:      246 EUR € 22,36/day
12 days rental:      267 EUR € 22,25/day
13 days rental:      288 EUR € 22,15/day
14 days rental:      309 EUR € 22,07/day

Category C

City, Touring, Folding e-bikes

15€ per day + 15€ Booking Fee

1 day rental:      30EUR € 30,00/day
2 days rental:    45 EUR € 22,5/day
3 days rental:  60 EUR € 20,00/day
4 days rental:    75 EUR € 18,75/day
5 days rental:    90 EUR € 18,00/day
6 days rental:    105 EUR € 17,50/day
7 days rental:   120 EUR € 17,14/day
8 days rental:    135 EUR € 16,88/day
9 days rental:    150 EUR € 16,67/day
10 days rental: 165 EUR € 16,50/day
11 days rental:   180 EUR € 16,36/day
12 days rental:   195 EUR € 16,25/day
13 days rental:   210 EUR € 16,15/day
14 days rental:   225 EUR   € 16,07/day

All prices already include Czech VAT of 21%. 

The Rental price for the e-bike shown above consists of a Daily Rental fee and a Booking Fee:

The Booking Fee is always 15 EUR.
The Booking Fee is non-refundable*  and is used to confirm your reservation. Without a Booking Fee payment, the availability of a particular e-bike cannot be guaranteed.
This fee is payable fast with a Debit or Credit card when making your booking online or Paid in cash in person at Ebike Rent in Prague 6.

* in case of cancellation less than 48 hours before the start date of the loan.

Daily Rental Fee vary by type and model of electric bicycle:  We divide our e-bike range into three categories: 

- Category "A" are new (this model year) e-bikes in the eMTB category with a price usually above 2300 EUR.  We charge a rental fee of 30€ per day
- Category "B" are new e-bikes in the Trekking, Cross and eMTB category with a price of around 2000 EUR. We charge a rental fee of 21€ per day
- Category "C" are 2020 e-bikes in the Trekking, City and Folding e-bike categories in great condition with a price of around 1300 EUR. We charge a rental fee of 15€ per day. 

The full Rental cost you will see next to each selected e-bike and is payable once the e-bike is returned to us after the loan.

The Refundable deposit for one borrowed electric bicycle here is always € 400 (CZK 10.000 or equivalent).
If the e-bike value is higher than 2300 EUR, the deposit is €  800 (CZK 20.000 or equivalent). 
The deposit must be deposited by pre-authorization on a valid credit card (VISA, MC/EC) or in cash (EUR, CZK) by renting the e-bike at our location.
When returning rented e-bike(s), a deposit is returned after deducting the daily rental fee - see above (+ possible damages occurred to the e-bike during the rental).
Please note: pre-authorization on your credit card expires after 2-8 days of billing, and we are unable to speed up this process with the bank.

Possibility to pay the reservation fee by bank transfer
If you are unable to pay the reservation fee for any reason by credit or debit card online or deposit it in person at our rental shop in Prague,
you can use a regular Bank transfer (SEPA).

Please send a reservation fee of 15 EUR to our Bank Account at FIO Bank Prague:

IBAN: CZ 90 2010 000 000 240 006 7238

As a Variable symbol, use the booking number we sent you via email.
In the payment note, please indicate your name to whom the reservation was made.
After receiving the Reservation Fee on our account, we will contact you as follows with a confirmation of your reservation.

The physical loan of an e-bike(s) must be accompanied by 2 personal documents with photographs, one of which must be a valid ID card (EU citizen) or a valid passport.
In the case of borrowing for a legal person/institution, these documents need to be presented by the person who takes over the borrowed e-bike(s) and at the same time to prove the relationship (the power of attorney) for company representation or the employee's ID card.

The maximum length of the rental is 14 consecutive days
At the moment the Rentals are only possible in person from Monday until Friday (Between 10 AM - 6 PM)
We provide personal e-bike delivery within Prague city during peak season. Rent shall be paid in advance.  Please ask us for details at


BIKEPLAN's rented e-bike and liability insurance 

All e-bikes rented from us and our customers are automatically insured through BikePlan.

The complete insurance is only 1,47€ /day  (35 CZK).
For rentals over 7 days, the insurance is FREE for you (we cover all insurance costs!).

The insurance coverage covers:

  • Theft or damage to the e-bike at full price with a deductible fee.
    or accident and material liability of the rider (user) up to 10 miles. CZK

Read the insurance conditions HERE ->>

When renting an e-bike, you will receive a leaflet describing what to do in the event of any insurance claim.


We provide for free along with the e-bike rental: an adequate e-bike charger, protective charger bag, and branded secure bike lock.
Protective cycling helmet, Child seat on a carrier (if applicable for the certain bike), Panniers bags and other accessories will be offered at a little surcharge. 

In case of returning a heavily contaminated e-bike (mud, dirt, asphalt): The cleaning surcharge is 10 EUR (250 CZK).

Loan e-bike for free! 
If, within 1 month after the end of the loan, you decide to buy a new electric bicycle at Showroom (or online at, we will refund your rent up to €115 (CZK 3,000) incl. VAT.  Just note your rental contract by purchase. 


The validity of the price list:  March 1st, 2024