Safety Chain Lock
€ 0,00 per day
Charging cable for Powerbox
€ 0,00 per day
Carrier for two e-bikes on a towball
€ 15,00 per day
Cycling Helmet
€ 2,00 per day
Bag for the rear bike carrie
€ 2,00 per day


120 Kg
23 Kg
576Wh, 16 Ah
BAFANG zadní
Ø 65 km
Gearbox: SHIMANO HG41, 7 SPEED
Brakes: SHIMANO MT200, 2 PÍSTY
€ 37,50 per day
The basis of the e-bike is an aluminum frame made of high-quality ALUXX SL alloy and with a very well-thought-out geometry, thanks to which you will feel comfortable on the e-bike even during long rides. The Stance E+ is also suitable for more technically demanding terrain, that's where the FlexPoint rear suspension, which provides 120 mm of travel, as well as an air-suspended fork with 130 mm of travel, comes in most handy. Especially on hills, you will appreciate the powerful SyncDrive Sport Yamaha central engine, whose torque of 70 Nm together with support of up to 350% will "take" you even up very steep or long climbs.

There are five manually selected driving modes or the fully automatic Smart Assist mode, which adjusts the most suitable level of assistance for you, thanks to acceleration (accelerometer) and tilt sensors. On the RideControl control, you switch on the electric drive and select the desired power level or the fully automatic Smart Assist mode. As soon as you lean into the pedals, even slightly, you activate the PedalPlus sensors, which transmit information to the control unit, which sends a request for the appropriate amount of power to the EnergyPak battery. Folding fat e-bike LEADER FOX Cody 20" 2024 with rear electric motor, aluminum frame, elegant design, fixed front fork and disc brakes. It guarantees stability, grip and comfortable control on every road.

The collapsible design allows for easy transport and storage when you don't need to drive. Total flexibility - Cody can be easily folded and stored in the car, train or wardrobe, making it the ideal companion for trips and holidays.

The Bafang rear electric motor stands out for its very smooth and quiet operation. It offers nominal power and fully sufficient torque for driving on any surface - snow, sand, mud or slippery road after rain. Electric fat bike LEADER FOX Cody grips perfectly on any surface thanks to wide tires on 20" wheels. With different assistance modes, you can adjust the level of support according to the terrain and your preferences.

A powerful battery with a capacity of 576 Wh / 16 Ah / 36 V is located in the lower frame tube. A fast charger with a charging current of up to 3 A (previously 1.8 A) significantly shortens the charging time. With a fully charged battery, you can ride an average of 80 km on the CODY e-bike. Maximum range up to 120 km. With a powerful battery, you will be able to travel long distances without worrying about running out. Cody will give you an adventure you'll love.

Controlling the entire system is intuitive and easy thanks to the LCD display and the button controller located on the handlebars. With 7 assistance modes, you will feel safe and comfortable on your journeys. If you have to guide the bike up a steep hill, you will use the WALK function, which will make your job easier. On the LCD display you can monitor the current, maximum and average speed, kilometers traveled and battery charge status. In addition, you can choose between day and night display backlight mode.

The Cody e-bike maintains the high mobility and practicality of a folding bike with a robust and durable construction. High-quality front LED lighting ensures sufficient visibility when driving in the dark. You can comfortably carry your work bag or sports bag on the rear rack.

Model LEADER FOX Cody = fun and freedom on an e-bike anytime, anywhere. This folding fat e-bike will allow you to explore the world around you with unlimited freedom and flexibility.

The folding electric bike LEADER FOX Cody is more than just an electric bike - it is a means of exploring the world with unlimited freedom. Experience adventure anytime, anywhere.