AGOGS Tracer Lady (cat.:"B", size: M/17")

Chci koupit!


17" (M)
130 kg
21 kg
Bafang SQW 250W
< 80 km
€ 32,00 per day
  • Versatility
    Due to the components used, the bike is suitable both for roads and off-road, so you do not have to plan a route but decide according to the current state of mind. A short ride or a day trip? Not a problem!

  • Objective quality
    If we are not convinced by the quality of the e-bike, the Tracer award from the prestigious ExtraEnergy e-bike test may also be the imaginary tongue on the scales.

  • Elegance
    Whether it be clothes, electronics or household items, the ehye of the aesthetic has to blink - the high-gloss black paint gives the e-bike a popular and special look.


More information on this model and purchase is available at this link.



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€ 0,00 per day