ROCK MACHINE Catherine e90 Touring (cat.:"B", size: S/15")

Chci koupit!


S (15")
120 kg
24,8 kg
500 Wh
<90 km
€ 32,00 per day
  • Lowered frame
    Look for suitable images that you can also use for women up to a height of 160 cm, otherwise they are more difficult to find a reliable fitting electric bike.
  • Accessories
    You don't have to worry about the bike being stolen - your bike is a lock that locks the rear wheel. This mountain bike is equipped with a carrier and fenders from the time of assembly, which is not often the case.
  • DAPU engine
    The second generation of the Japanese engine, reaching up to 90 Nm for quiet operation, is strong and high quality. Give it a try!