Qicycle extremely-lightweight foldable (cat.:"C", size: UNI")

Chci koupit!


100 kg
14 kg
210 Wh
Annanda front wheel
40 km
€ 28,00 per day


  • Compactness
    Small and light bike, ideal city companion. 14.5 kg, 100cm x 45cm x 65cm are proof of this.
  • Connectivity
    Do you have everything from speaker to lighting at home? Don't put your phone out of hand? Or do you just like driving data? Connect! Xiaomi and Android allow you to watch everything.
  • Chinese manufacturer with European version
    ekolo.cz is the only direct importer of the EU version. It differs from the Chinese in many ways. Instead of a chain there is a maintenance-free belt, high-quality load-bearing construction, mudguards, reflective tapes, etc.

More information on this model and purchase is available at this link.


Biking Helmet - size M or L

€ 0,00 per day