LEADER FOX Awalon Lady (cat.:"B", size: M/18")

Chci koupit!


120 kg
630 Wh
Bafang M400
< 120 km
€ 32,00 per day
  • Range
    Due to the large capacity of the battery - 17.5Ah (630Wh) you do not have to worry that you will run out of energy in the middle of the trip and pedaling will remain without support only to you.
  • Fast recharge
    If you accidentally forget to fully charge your bike, there is nothing easier than to stop by for coffee or lunch, and thanks to the quick charger with 3A charging current, you are soon back in the saddle with tens of kilometers in front of you.

More information on this model and purchase is available at this link.



Biking Helmet - size M or L

€ 0,00 per day