GIANT STANCE E+ 2 POWER (cat.:"A", size: L/19")

Chci koupit!


L (19")
120 kg
25 kg
Giant SyncDrive Sport
< 90 km
€ 40,00 per day
  • Full-suspension joy in the field
    It is the ideal e-bike for both fun trails and singletracks, as well as for riding in the rice field, with 130/120 mm strokes in your future.

  • Compatibility
    Giant RideControl - an application that offers a host of other useful features such as displaying the exact battery level, tuning driving modes or fitness features, including analyzing your performance.

  • Quick charger
    If you are on low a battery, the 6A quick charger will get 60% power in 90 minutes.

More information on this model and purchase is available at this link.


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