CRUSSIS e-Largo 9.7-L ( cat.:"B", size: L / 20" )

Safety Chain Lock
€ 0,00 per day
Charging cable for Powerbox
€ 0,00 per day
Carrier for two e-bikes on a towball
€ 15,00 per day
Cycling Helmet
€ 2,00 per day


120 kg
25 kg
900 Wh / 25 Ah
Bafang M500
Ø 100 Km
Front suspension: ROCKSHOX FS Judy Silver TK R Solo Air 29",
Gearbox: SRAM SX Eagle, 12 rychlostí
Brakes: SRAM Level
€ 37,50 per day
Men's mountain electric bike e-Largo 9.7-L 2022. Electric bike with twenty-nine wheels, with extra strong battery and charged equipment.
The geometry of the aluminum frame ensures excellent stability and controllability of the e-bike, which is mainly due to the central electric motor BAFANG M500, with a nominal power of 250W (max 550W), torque 95 Nm and extra strong battery with Li-Ion cells Samsung 900 Wh (25 Ah ), Which is fully integrated into the frame of the e-bike.
The range of the e-bike is up to 200 km - of course it always depends on the profile of the track and how to use the assistance, which in this model is five-stage and controlled via an LCD display located on the handlebars. The color display shows the battery status, the selected degree of assistance of the electric motor, speed and distance traveled.
The e-bike is manufactured on 29 ”wheels, which are now a necessary standard in the case of mountain bikes.