Crussis - e-Atland 7.5 (cat.:"B", size: L/20")


L (20")
120 kg
22,1 kg
530 Wh
Bafang M400
až 100 km
€ 32,00 per day
  • Czech manufacturer
    Our own production hall in the Czech Republic and the face of Jaromír Jágr will appeal to you with home work.
  • Design
    Crussis e-bikes are recognizable at first glance, but a fully integrated battery in the bike frame may not convince you at first glance that you are looking at e-bike.
  • LCD display
    Very clear and user-friendly display well visible in any weather.

More information on this model and purchase is available at this link.


Biking Helmet - size M or L

€ 0,00 per day