BULLS Copperhead Evo AM1 ( cat.:"A", size: M / 17" )

Safety Chain Lock
€ 0,00 per day
Carrier for two e-bikes on a towball
€ 15,00 per day
Cycling Helmet
€ 2,00 per day


29" / 27,5"
120 kg
24 kg
630 Wh
Bosch Performance Line CX 4.Gen
Ø 80 km
Front suspension: BULLS Lytro 34 LOR AIR
Rear suspension: SR Suntour Unair TR LO-R8-Z11 Air Shock
Gearbox: Shimano Deore
Brakes: Shimano BR-MT200 hydraulic disc
€ 46,40 per day

BULLS COPPERHEAD EVO AM1 e-bike - a fully sprung mountain electric bike with an excellent Bosch Performance Line CX 4th generation engine, a very powerful Power Tube 625 Wh battery, which is fully integrated into the e-bike frame and a unique Monkey Link magnetic system.

BULLS COPPERHEAD AVO AM1 is also equipped with a quality Suntour chassis - SR Suntour Lytro 140 mm front fork and Lytro Edge LOR8 150 mm rear silencer. The suspension offers maximum reserves and the best traction on demanding rides, while ensuring excellent driving comfort. Thanks to the central motor and the ideally stored battery, the e-bike has an optimally positioned center of gravity and is perfectly manoeuvrable and stable while riding. Shorter chains ensure perfect dexterity on narrow paths. The combination of an extended upper tube and a shorter handlebar stem also improves the position of the seat.

Explore the landscape and new terrains with Bulls e-bikes. BULLS COPPERHEAD EVO AM1 is based on the BOSCH drive system. With smooth and accurate dosing of electric motor power, it will help you tame all roads.