AGOGS Gust lady (cat.:"B", size: M/17")

Chci koupit!


120 kg
24,5 kg
600 Wh
Bafang Modest
< 130 km
€ 32,00 per day
  • Long trips
    Do you like long rides and don't want to worry about pedaling without support? Here you do not have to worry about 600Wh battery allows you to travel up to 130km without recharging.
  • Equipment
    It is a trekking bike, so it has long fenders with a skirt, a folding stand and your foam handles will surely appreciate your hands.

More information on this model and the possibility of buying it on the link.



Biking Helmet - size M or L

€ 0,00 per day
Child seat

Bicycle child sear - Belleli brand

€ 4,00 per day